4Generations  MaminaOpening
The 4 Generations The inauguration of the Mamina Pizzeria Restaurant

We are a family owned Restaurant where we serve Pizza as well as Italian Gastronomy.

From the moment we saw the restaurant we knew that we wanted to create a warm, inviting environment where you can enjoy our version of a taste of Italy.

We have made so many renovations since we opened from completely renovating the inside to totally renovating the outside area and transforming it with wonderful closed and warm surroundings for the winter as well as being able to also enjoy the wonderful cool breeze in the warmer days by opening the spacious and modern garage door windows. This special reception area is now used for all types of Parties and Special Occasions with a maximum capacity of 50 people. We also added three HDTV’s inside the restaurant and two HDTV’s in the new reception area for your added enjoyment.

We have the pleasure of serving wonderful Italian meals from different “Entrees” & Salads, 12 different types of specialty thin crust Pizzas, Pasta such as Penne, Spaghetti, Ravioli, Tortellini including our Special Mamina Lasagna, Submarines, Appetizers, Beverages, Coffee (Italian, Brazilian & Spanish) and special Deserts to satisfy any palate.

At Mamina Pizzeria Restaurant we also include a Special Kids Menu to choose from in order to furthermore please children of all ages because it’s a place you can walk to with your family and friends and have a delightful gastronomic experience.

Our food is always Fresh and Delicious!